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Kisa sleeping on my laptop's keyboard by LaChicaRara Kisa sleeping on my laptop's keyboard :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 6 5 Henri dela Rochejaquelein and his beloved Marianne by LaChicaRara Henri dela Rochejaquelein and his beloved Marianne :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 5 3 Joan D'Arc and Lady Sif by LaChicaRara Joan D'Arc and Lady Sif :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 5 0
God can do it all

“Muscles aren’t a match for skill.”
“You say so because you’re not muscular like most of us.”
“It’s not sour grapes, I’m being serious,” the young man replied, earning some laughs around him and an amused look from the other marine.
“Most of it will be hand-to-hand combat, what will you do if you have no muscles?”
“Use my brains. My skill, what I’ve trained for. And God’s help, most of all,” he said simply, standing up in the middle of some chuckles and walking away.
“You’re not Samson!” The other marine said, looking at him as he walked away. “God won’t miraculously give you the strength your muscles don’t have!”
“You’d be surprised what faith can do when God is on your side,” The young man replied calmly, stopping at looking back at them. Some of the faces were now serious, surprised by his con
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 2 2
Love is stronger than pride by LaChicaRara Love is stronger than pride :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 4 4 That funny cute mouse by LaChicaRara That funny cute mouse :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 6 6 Kisa 2 by LaChicaRara Kisa 2 :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 6 7 Kisa by LaChicaRara Kisa :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 5 4
What were you trying to prove?
“I didn’t think it would hurt this much.”
“It is a broken wrist, what else did you expect? That you would land miraculously safe and sound from a forty feet fall? What were you trying to prove, anyways?”
The teenage warrior in training looked down, embarrassed but with no regret in her eyes.
“That I was as good as any man.”
“Ridiculous!” The healer woman snapped, shaking her head. “You are not as good as any man.”
The warrior looked at her in disbelief and frowned, and then the healer finished the bandage she was wrapping around the recently broken wrist.
“There you go. That potion should finish fixing the bone in about two hours. But you have to rest for at least four hours from now. No fighting, no moving. Otherwise you could suffer from a weak wrist for some weeks, and I bet that is not something you would want as a warrior.”
The wounded girl was still frowning as she stood up and walked to t
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 4 6
NOTE: For the writing version of this battle/challenge, go to: WRITING BATTLE/CONTEST/CHALLENGE
Hi, my beautiful watchers and non-watchers as well!
I have decided to do a drawing battle. It will be me against you. Don't worry if someone signed in before you. I can draw for a lot of people. If too many people sign in, I'll tell them to wait until I finish the current battles. But I don't think many people will do it, so don't worry.
You don't need to watch me if you don't want to. I'll send you a note when I publish my participation so you don't have to check my account every day.
How to participate?
First of all, comment on this deviation saying you want to participate. This deviation will be updated so you can see the list of people doing this and in which step of the battle they are.
The battle takes as many steps as the participants want to. You can retire at any moment you want.
There's no official winner, because we
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 1 7
A gift from the Three Wise Men by LaChicaRara A gift from the Three Wise Men :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 2 3 The best Loki by LaChicaRara The best Loki :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 3 2 My beloved by LaChicaRara My beloved :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 4 3 I am the Lady Sif by LaChicaRara I am the Lady Sif :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 8 4 The queen and the warrior by LaChicaRara The queen and the warrior :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 7 3 Elegant by LaChicaRara Elegant :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 2 3


You Otter Know You are the Best Valentine by StephanieSmall You Otter Know You are the Best Valentine :iconstephaniesmall:StephanieSmall 29 2
Seven Brothers
There are seven brothers
One took several dicks,
Sadly, now,
There are only six.
One brother liked scuba
And so went for a dive,
Forgot to check his tank,
And now there are five.
The Lady or the Tiger?
The next opened a door
He chose the Tiger,
And now there are four.
This brother bet on the Lady
When he lost, tried to flee
But the Mob always find you,
And now there are three.
The next one tried hunting
Ghosts that went boo
His heart couldn't take it,
So now there are two.
The next one started drinking
With strangers for fun
That last cup was laced,
And now there is one.
The last one, while grieving,
At their graves, had a knife.
He wanted to join them,
And so took his own life.
:iconbrazenglory:brazenglory 5 13
Just Another Girl by LooneyDreamer Just Another Girl :iconlooneydreamer:LooneyDreamer 9 5
Writing Contest IV
Jeanne was still armor clad; in fact, she hadn't switched into a normal dress since her capture. Sif had let her remain in her chainmail, even praising Jeanne's decision to do so.
"A worthy choice of apparel. Perhaps it will serve you well when we battle."
Sif had made many such comments to her captive, and Jeanne refused to answer them. Even a peasant girl could see an attempt to goad her into fighting, and mocking like that didn't work.
What did work was the war-cry-prayer Sif hollered up after each of her skirmishes. Chanting praise to some pagan god torched Jeanne's nerves, even with the knowledge that Sif was aiming to rile her up. Jeanne tried to lock it out with her own childhood prayers, but Sif had a commanding voice, almost like that of a prophet. Her words echoed about in Jeanne's head, and by the time Sif had finished her last opponent, the peasant girl was ready to make it all stop.
Even if she knew it was coming, Sif was still taken aback by the sudden force to her head.
:iconscpxxxx:SCPXXXX 1 2
WIP portrait of loki by LindaMarieAnson WIP portrait of loki :iconlindamarieanson:LindaMarieAnson 136 100 Bloody Elven-king by Brilcrist Bloody Elven-king :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 5,184 148 Maedhros - A Spare hand by Brilcrist Maedhros - A Spare hand :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 6,973 271 Silver Knight by Patri-ck Silver Knight :iconpatri-ck:Patri-ck 162 50 Tell me do you bleed? by Brilcrist Tell me do you bleed? :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 899 25 Jumin Han by Brilcrist Jumin Han :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 1,695 49 Capn' Sparrow by Phoenix-B-Meadows Capn' Sparrow :iconphoenix-b-meadows:Phoenix-B-Meadows 3 0
Loki X Reader: The Fate of a Fool - CH 4
    It was strange to be back in this part of the palace after two years away.  Longer, really, since he’d truly lived here.  But for all the time that had passed, nothing had changed from what Loki could see.  The same carpets ran the length of the halls.  The same artwork hung on the walls.  The same furniture in the same places they’d always been.  A reminder of the status quo that some might errantly claim as the ‘comfort of continuity’.
    It’s boring, that’s what it is.
    Why Asgardians were so opposed to change- even in something as mundane as décor- was beyond him.  Immortality didn’t make one immune from the transformative effects of time.  Resisting only delayed the inevitable, so why fight a battle lost from the beginning?  From his viewpoint, Loki saw the shifting mechanisms of time as an opportunity to rise above th
:iconvernichtenalles:VernichtenAlles 4 2
Marauder's Map Journal Skin by extraordi-mary Marauder's Map Journal Skin :iconextraordi-mary:extraordi-mary 457 185
Howdy folks!
(I really need to get a banner or something to post on contest-related journals...added to the to-request from artist buddies list.)
So, we're now in February, and, for those of you who aren't aware, that's a pretty big deal for Ubergirl. Not only was her first ever story appearance posted on Valentine's day, but her first kiss with her beloved Aella occurred in the same month a couple of years later. February is a cool month for her.
And, yes, I post this knowing full-well that Valentine's Day is just about the crummiest holiday all-round; people who aren't in relationships get it rubbed in their faces, people who are in relationships get put under immense social pressure to impress their partners, and why the hell do we need a dedicated day anyway? Why can't we just show people we love them through the whole damn year?
Anyway...where was I going with this?
Oh! Yeah.
Regardless of my own personal views on the holiday, for Ubergirl, Valentine's da
:iconthestonemiester1:TheStonemiester1 8 37
I wish by AK-47x I wish :iconak-47x:AK-47x 36 0 LOOK AT ME by NyomiXV LOOK AT ME :iconnyomixv:NyomiXV 10 0


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Priscila Gibert
Artist | Professional | Varied

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Hey there!

Well, let's introduce myself. My name is Priscila Gibert, currently I'm 19 years old and I live in Argentina. I speak Spanish in my everyday life, but I'm also learning English and I love it.

I started reading books when I was five years old and I haven't stopped since then. Reading is my life. In my house, all the walls are covered with shelves full of books. We have like, I don't know, four or five encyclopedias, each one made of more than a dozen of volumes. We have complete collections of children's and young adults' literature, books about philosophy, about Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse mythology (one of my favourite subjects), about grammar and orthography, the complete works of famous authors like Shakespeare, Dickens, Jules Verne, Agatha Christie, and, of course, J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter marked my childhood), Rick Riordan (I'm kind of obsessed with Percy Jackson and the Olympians), C. S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia marked my childhood too), J. R. R. Tolkien (I wish I could write books like The Lord of the Rings... and I know that's impossible), James Dashner (Maze Runner is so gripping!), Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games are really cool, and the movie adaptation is great), Kiera Cass (when I found out about The Selection, I read all the books in a row) and... Well, I'd want to keep talking, but I cannot write an entire book about the books I like. Let's skip to the movies.
I love movies. I don't miss any of the new releases of movies based in books. Of course, when I'm sitting there and I realize that the movie director changed something from the book, I nearly start shouting: "It's not like that!". I love spoilers. It's weird, I know, but I like them.

Other things I love are TV series, music, dancing ballet, drawing, writing and playing piano. I'm also kind of obsessed with Norse Mythology (kind of... haha, yes, sure), especially about...guess who? yes, Loki. And the actor who plays him, Tom Hiddleston.
I draw portraits of people I like, such as actors or friends of mine, and sometimes I draw fanarts too, of books or movies I love. Here on DeviantArt I'm trying to get the best of me regarding drawings. Let's see how it works!
I like listening to music while I write or read, to get inspired or emotional. Epic music lists on YouTube are cool! Or sometimes I write something based on the lyrics of a song. The most I wrote about was fanfiction, especially about Loki, my favourite character ever. I like him both from Marvel Movies and from Norse Mythology. Now I'm just writing original stuff. Working on a novel! Or many novels, I should say.
Playing piano? Absolutely. I love playing, although I don't have piano classes and I learn everything from Internet, mostly YouTube.
And dancing ballet is one of my main loves. I just... love it. I love dancing.

Well, I think that's all for now.

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My birthday badge

Do you want to roleplay with me?

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 5, 2018, 10:20 AM

So you must already know I'm a huge fan of roleplaying. I've roleplayed in Percy Jackson and Marvel forums and WhatsApp groups, and recently in a Harry Potter WhatsApp group. I'm also roleplaying in The Selection universe with my best friend, just the two of us because... just because. She and I roleplay together a lot.
But I was thinking... there must be good roleplayers here on DA as well. So if you're reading this, come join me in a private roleplay (it's not a group, just through comments on a new journal I'll create for that purpose, or through notes). I can roleplay with OC's or with canon characters, mainly in Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Marvel and The Selection universes, but I have read a lot and watched a lot of movies so if you have another universe in mind, or even an original one created by you or the two of us, sure! Just tell me and I'll roleplay in that universe if I know it.
The only things I ask for are:

1- Please pay attention, at least a bit, to grammar and spelling. I'm not a native English speaker but I sure know when you're making huge mistakes. I take roleplay games as another way of creating art, so please take care of your writing style.

2- Please more than one sentence posts.  I don't ask for a whole book chapter, but one sentence is too common, too boring and I can't work around it. Come on, you're a writer!

3- No NSFW (At least at first. Later on, when we've been roleplaying for some time, I may consider it).

4- No Yaoi or whatever is the name for same sex relationships. I just... don't like roleplaying romantic stuff with other character the same gender as mine. If they're just very good friends, sure, go ahead! But don't try to make it a romantic relationship because I won't follow it.

5- No Anthro (an explanation of what means Anthro and what is inside that category can be found here: The REAL Difference between Anthro and Furry). Your character can be a shapeshifter, a werewolf or whatever you like, but it has to have a completely human form to turn into when kissing with mine or walking down the street. I don't know if I'm making myself clear. It can be a mer-person though, or a fairy or whatever other magical being, or an animal like if we're roleplaying in The Lion King universe. But not a person with tail and animal ears. No thanks.

So if you want to join, just send me a note or a comment on this journal! OC's or canon characters, what universe, etc. I'll be glad to reply and roleplay with you! Oh, and don't worry if you're not good at roleplaying or if you have never roleplayed. Think of it as a collaborative work of literature, in which each one of us has a character, and those characters interact. Simple and fun!

Journal History


Hope you all have a good Ash Wednesday.
I just watched "Loving Vincent".
It was by far one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life. An amazing and breathtaking work of art, and a really touching story.
My dearest watchers and non-watchers, I wish you Merry Christmas ❤

*Running randomly around the room with the hands in the air* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH


Feb 17, 2018
10:56 am
Feb 16, 2018
9:08 am
Feb 16, 2018
5:36 am
Feb 10, 2018
1:17 pm
Feb 10, 2018
8:12 am


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