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Big sister
"What does this do?"
There is a huge flash of light. Then silence.
I turn around so fast that I hit myself with my own braid.
My six-year-old brother is there, with his hand pressed over a big red button. He looks at me, with scared eyes.
“Nina…” He starts, his voice shaking as I look surprised at him. “I just did something wrong again, didn’t I?”
I force a smile, and I’m about to say that maybe it’s nothing, but my eyes move to one of the screens that show the hidden cameras down the corridor. The flash of light came from there, the screen is the brightest of all the screens now, and I realize why. The doors, the iron doors that are the only thing that have kept us safe this long, are now open. The recording is hardly 240p, but the intense daylight that shines through the now open doors lets us see them. We can see the monsters.
Tony starts crying and runs to me. He hugs my legs and grabs my skirt like it will keep h
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The Yggdrasil (Sci-Fi version)
We pity the ones who haven’t seen the Tree of Life.
Those who have seen it, have seen beauty, order and chaos, all in one and one in all.
Your ancestors called it Yggdrasil, and you call it the Universe, but we come from a place where they're one and the same.
Every star is part of its bark. Haven’t you seen a mysterious shape on the sky, which makes you think of a tree? You call it the Milky Way, but we know best. It’s the branch of Yggdrasil that touches your world. If you knew how to ride it, if you knew how to travel inside it, you would see Yggdrasil.
Nine worlds are part of this. You call them planets, you give them names. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. We know best. We call them realms, we give them their names. Muspelheim, Alfheim, Midgard, Jötunheim, Asgard, Vanaheim, Svartalfheim, Niflheim, Helheim. Some of you claim that Pluto is not a planet, some of us claim that Helheim is not a realm. There are thousands of ot
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Sigyn (as seen by Rick Riordan) by LaChicaRara Sigyn (as seen by Rick Riordan) :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 2 0 Girl by LaChicaRara Girl :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 3 6
Fear Of The Dark
I used to think that the characters I played on the movies weren’t real. Loki, James Nicholls, William Buxton, Magnus Martinsson… they were all the result of other people’s imagination and of my interpretation in front of the cameras.
But I have now fear of the dark. He hides in the shadows and harass me. He knows that I know that he’s there, and he laughs, he laughs with that laugh that makes my neck skin crawl. He hides in that corner of my room and I’m too terrified to run my fingers down the wall to find the light. I know he’s there, watching.
He appeared that night I said he wasn’t real in a fan’s convention. When I walked home that night down a dark road, I had the feeling that somebody was following me. I turned around. I didn’t see anybody. I resumed walking, and then he laughed, and I recognized that sound. No one can laugh like him except me. Because he’s my character. I once said we were like the yin and the yang. I
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 4 6
”Make a wish.”
“Choose carefully.”
She laughed and tilted her head, with that gleam in her eyes that had made him fall in love with her.
“You’re too serious. It’s only a game. I’m not getting my wish. No need to sound so mysterious.”
He smiled faintly and his eyes met hers.
“Come on. Make a wish. But for real.”
“Okay,” she laughed again and looked at the sky, narrowing her eyes as she was thinking.
He took that minute to look at her. He knew that such an amazing girl could never see anything in him, a normal boy with lots of flaws. She was perfect from head to toe, inside and outside. He had seen her soul and it was as pure as snow that has just fallen from the sky. He was somehow expecting her to stop being his friend sooner or later, when she got bored of him, his stupid jokes and his lack of beauty and sexiness. He was a bit fat, he loved heavy metal and had chronic headaches. What
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 4 12
El Sr. Laufeyson - Prologo: Tadashi
Aquí llega el prólogo.
Si quieren, pueden escuchar la música que les dejo aquí abajo mientras leen. Es la música que suena durante la muerte de Tadashi en la película, creo.
En breve publicaré el primer capítulo. Si les gustaría que les avise cada vez que actualice (por si se pierden la notificaciones), comenten aquí o mándenme un mensaje privado. Yo les avisaré cada vez que publique un capítulo nuevo.
Espero que lo disfruten.
La gente corría, gritando, saliendo en grupos como gacelas asustadas del edificio en llamas. Un adolescente mayor apareció en la esquina, seguido de una chica de su misma edad y de un chico un poco menor. El humo y el fuego se reflejaron en los ojos de los tres, al tiempo que frenaban en seco frente al infernal espectáculo.
El adolescente ayudó a estabilizarse a una
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 1 0
El Sr. Laufeyson - Introduccion
¡Hola, gente!
Recientemente me etiquetaron en una historia en Wattpad , la otra plataforma en la que publico mis historias. Fue un usuario llamado Anarkys75 y la historia era "Guia y Opinion de Ship y Grupos de Fanfic". Me había etiquetado en un capítulo acerca de la la pareja/ship LokixElsa (también llamada Lokelsa, Elski o Frozentricks... yo prefiero ese último nombre). La cosa es que hablaba de esa pareja, con sus características y demás, y al final recomendaba dos de mis historias LokixElsa ("Una reina y un dios" y "Canciones sobre hielo"). Obviamente me sentí más que halagada de que hubiera elegido mis historias como recomendación sobre esa pareja.
Poco después, recibí solicitudes de
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 2 0
Hi, my beautiful watchers and non-watchers as well!
I have decided to do a writing battle. It will be me against you. Don't worry if someone signed in before you. I can write for a lot of people. If too many people sign in, I'll tell them to wait until I finish the current battles. But I don't think many people will do it, so don't worry.
You don't need to watch me if you don't want to. I'll send you a note when I publish my participation so you don't have to check my account every day.
How to participate?
First of all, comment on this deviation saying you want to participate. This deviation will be updated so you can see the list of people doing this and in which step of the battle they are.The battle takes ten steps per person, which in total are twenty steps. Each step can take up to five days to be completed.There's no official winner, because we have no judges (unless someone else wants to act as a judge). The thing is that we have fun, read each other, comment ea
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To the Adventure
Little hot-air balloon, painted eyes, eternal smile, what are you doing up there?

I once heard a sweet voice, down on the ground. Fragile and white, a paper princess who told me she was mine. And she wanted to go, she wanted to see, she wanted to get out of her crystal cage. So I told her to come, and we flew up to the sun. And she saw all the mountains, she saw all the seas, she touched the stars and rode on the wind along with me. I got used to hear her laugh, and I knew so well that gleam in her eyes.
Little hot-air balloon, painted eyes, eternal smile, what are you doing up there?
She once asked me to wait, she said she would look for a friend. And we came back to the ground, and she left, and she came back with him. Shiny and silvery, a tin knight who told her he was hers. So I told them to come, and we flew up to the sun. And we saw again the same mountains, the same seas, the same stars and the same winds. The knight f
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 7 9
Too tired to do anything by LaChicaRara Too tired to do anything :iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 5 12
Stand by me (Tom Hiddleston AU fanfic)
You remember it, Tom, you remember the first night you saw me. It was only one look connecting our eyes, and you almost collided with your mother because of looking spellbound at me. My wineglass stopped in midair and it did not spilled only because I had the good sense of leaving it on the waiter’s tray.
    The musicians started a lento. It was “Stand by me”, do you remember? In a magic way, suddenly you were on my side offering me your hand with the words “May I have the pleasure of this dance?” on your lips. I could not dance. I did not know how to dance. It was shameful, being a girl, so I did not admit it to you and I put my hand on yours. In the first two steps, you noticed my fault, and you only smiled and guided me wonderfully on the learning of dancing, with a lento as silky as the one that sounded at that moment. I asked your name.
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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Once upon a time there was a young man called Morris Lessmore. At the time this story starts, he was sitting on the balcony of a hotel in New Orleans. He had travelled to a city far away from his home and had rented a room, hoping that a change of scene would give some excitement to his quiet life.
It was a quiet morning. He was sitting leg-crossed, flicking through a book and writing on a blank page of another book he held on his hand. He was bored, to be sincere, but he wanted to end that page of his diary before going to have lunch. Dozens of books were stacked around his armchair, useless. He had tried to find some fun inside them, but it hadn’t worked, and his diary was as boring as ever. He had nothing interesting to write in its pages.
He was trying to imagine how to describe the hotel he was staying in, when a couple of paper sheets flew across the balcony, riding on a breeze. He didn’t pay much attention to them, until he rose his head and something flew the same w
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 3 3
Cerro Chapelco
Chapelco, or Cerro Chapelco, is a mountain and massif in Neuquén Province, south-western Argentina. The ski station of the same name is located 19 kilometres (12 mi) from the resort town of San Martín de los Andes.
Its special feature is its great natural beauty, since Chapelco locates in the middle of a lenga forest and from its intermediate points you can get an extraordinary panoramic view of Lanín National Park, Lanín Volcano, Lácar Lake and the city of San Martín de los Andes at the base of the mountain.
The ski tracks were designed by Federico Graeff in 1946 accompanied by a 14-year-old boy, and they gained touristic importance in the ‘70s. Today it offers the possibility of practising different types of skiing: downhill, mountaineering and touring. Snowboard in the four categories: half-pipe, parallel slalom, big air and fun park, in the Snowboard Park (a space designed for the practise of freestyle). You can enjoy other activities such as sno
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 1 0
San Martin de los Andes, my town
Hi! Today I’ll be showing you the town where I live: San Martín de los Andes.
San Martín de los Andes is a city in the province of Neuquén, Argentina. It is located in the Lácar Department in the south-west of the province, at the foot of the Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the world.
It’s on the east coast of the Lácar Lake, and is a touristic location very important on the province.
San Martín de los Andes, modeled like a European style alpine village, was founded on 4 February 1898 (eighteen ninety-eight) by Colonel Celestino Pérez, under the orders of General Rudecindo Roca, with the main purpose of setting sovereignty over the region.
Following the founding the main economic activities were wood logging and husbandry.
A major change in settlement life came when in 1937 (nineteen thirty-seven) Lanín National Park was created. This meant that wood logging was gradually reduced and numerous small settlements
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Guilty (poem)
Maybe your eyes are guilty
They're not like golden stars
No, not that way, but they do shine
They're not like priceless diamonds
Diamonds are blue, your eyes are dark
They're not like a fire burning freely
No, not like the wild fire, but they are warm
Then, what's the way to describe them?
Your eyes are like the universe
Yes, that way is fine
Maybe your smile is guilty
I'm not going to compare it now
The reason? Well, there's only one
Your smile cannot be compared, that's right
How do I compare something uncomparable?
Tell me, and I'll do it, but until then
Just smile
But, wait... I think I can do it
Your smile is like a star, like a diamond,
Like fire, burning my heart when you smile
Maybe your eyes and your smile are guilty
I'm not sure, maybe your hair is guilty
Maybe your body, maybe your heart
I'm not sure what's guilty
Guilty, since the first time I met you
Since the first time you looked at me and smiled
Since the first time you hugged me
Guilty of making me,
And I know this is
:iconlachicarara:LaChicaRara 1 5


Relooking by AryaBehsk Relooking :iconaryabehsk:AryaBehsk 64 18
Awareness of the Arts: Journey (Closed)
Contest is now CLOSED!
It's Here!

The Third Annual Awareness of the Arts Contest
Remember The Theme for This Year is: Journey
*update April 18th* new prize package and more points added!
*update April 24th* commission added to 1st place!
*update May the 4th be with you* There is no registration cut off for this contest. You can sign up until the last day of the contest as long as you get your entries in by midnight EST! Just know there will be NO time Extensions!
*update May 5th* 500 :points: total added to prizes!
Also the Awareness of the Arts:  Journey Contest folder is closed!
More than, 10,000 :points: to be won!
What it is:
Take one Artist and one writer and
:iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 63 417
Writing Contest! Join Now! (Closed)
Hi. Kao Emoji-43(Sad waving) [V3] 
I've decided to host my first writing contest! I purchased some points on a whim, now I'm left with points I don't really need. 

Bullet; Green  Genre: must be horror
Bullet; Green Length: under 10,000 words.
Bullet; Green Participants must become a member of my group: TokyoTerrorStories
Bullet; Orange All contest entrys must be submitted to my group: TokyoTerrorStories  
Bullet; Red Original stories only. No plagiarism!  
( I've read most of the creepy shit on Reddit already)
Bullet; Red Add my username or icon somew
:icontrishkapoo:Trishkapoo 10 18
As promised, it's time for another contest! Hopefully, there will be many participants in this contest! It is open to all deviants (not just NaturesHaven and WORLD-OF-WILDLIFE) on DA of every skill level. This contest will choose 3 winners despite how many entries we get. If we get enough submissions, we will also choose a runner up! It will be fun!
Your entries must depict a naturalistic jungle of your choice. If relevant, you must site all your resources.
You may submit TWO entries per person and may only enter from one account. (Only one entry can win, however.)Your entries MUST be uploaded on or after MAY 28th, 2017  **PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES TO THIS FOLDER WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE-CONTESTYou MUST link back
:iconsublime-feline:Sublime-Feline 46 76
Awareness of the Arts: Journey
We had a spectacular response to this years Awareness of the Arts Contest!
You can find all of the entries here: Awareness of the Arts: Journey.
Over the next few weeks me and my judges will be looking over the entries and I will come up with a way for you to submit your favorites and help us choose the winners. I will probably link all of the entries in a journal and ask you to choose your top 4 (in order from 1st - Honorable Mention. 
*Please note the popular vote will only assist in our decision making process and the winners will be chosen by our judges.
If you have any concerns about the judging process please let us know, a summary of our decision will be made available upon request.
IMPORTANT: If any participants had completed their portion of the contest pi
:iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 4 2
Awareness of the Arts: Voting Closed
You have until July 23rd to read the entries and get your vote in!
When judging a multi-contestant contest where two are competing as one, there are things that one must consider:
How well executed is the art?
How well written is the literature?
But most important:
How well do these two deviations work together to tell a single story?
Did they stick to the theme: Journey?
When looking through our entries that is what the judges will be looking for, and I hope that is what you will be looking for as well. Try not to look at the deviants that submitted the work and pick your favorite people. Try to look at the wonderful work accomplished by these wonderful people!
More Questions? Look in the section under this journal for common questions.
*Please note: Not all of our contestants speak English as their native language so please judge less on grammar and more on content of their work. :heart:
:iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 15 167
1 Week Left to Get your Entries in!
Hi Everyone!
There's still 1 week left to get your entries in for the Sol.Terra - Another World Art Competition
Don't forget, you can submit either art, or a short story (or both!). FFM is currently running, so why not take advantage of any sc-fi related prompts/challenge days and do two things at once!
Submit your entry either by note, or by leaving a comment on the Contest announcement:

Good luck! :D
:iconc-a-harland:C-A-Harland 1 5
One of my more recent deviations gave me a fun idea for a contest, so it's finally time again! 
The concept? Overload a girl! Put her into overdrive - create a deviation of a woman undergoing more than she could possibly handle (for long, at least).
The entries to this contest can be based on muscle training, bondage and BDSM or even naughtier themes... anything that properly represents an 'overload' is allowed. The pressure could be from one, huge source or just small things piled on and on! Creativity and originality is encouraged.
A little more information on the theme -
Create a piece of art in which a woman is being 'overloaded' with stimuli. Give them a task or tasks (whether possible or not), basically put them in a situation that forces their body and mind into absolute overload.
This could be in the form of bondage, BDSM, muscle training or any other means of overloading the subject of your artwork. They can be literally overloaded using weights
:iconabdomental:Abdomental 4 35
Sol.Terra - Another World Art Competition
To celebrate the recent launch of the Sol.Terra Complete Collection I have decided to run a multimedia competition in which you can win a Free Copy of the book for yourself!
This competition is open to both visual and literature artists.

The Rules
:bulletblue: Your piece must include the theme of aliens, other planets, or space travel
:bulletblue: You may submit visual art or a short story
:bulletblue: Short stories must be under 1500 words
:bulletblue: Multiple submissions are allowed
:bulletblue: You are not required to use the characters/locations from the Sol.Terra series (but you can if you want)
:bulletblue: The description must include that it is a submission for the Sol.Terra - Another World competition
:bulletblue: New artworks only
:bulletorange: Include a link to your finished submission in the comments below
Submissions are due 25 July
Judging wi
:iconc-a-harland:C-A-Harland 17 12
[Active Contest] Short Fiction - New Beginnings
As promised, the time for our grand opening contest has arrived! All submissions must be new works (dating no earlier than July 1st) submitted to the "Contest Submission" folder no later than August 31st. Here's what you need to know:
Our First Contest
Theme & Overview
The theme of the contest is "New Beginnings," in the sense of "rebirth" or "second chances."
Submission Cutoff: August 31, 2017 @ 11:59pm CDT.
Expected Format: Short Story - Fiction (1,000 - 3,000 words. Strict.)
Maximum one submission per person.
Submitted pieces must be written for this contest. (No old, repurposed pieces!)
Submitted works must be in English.
First Place
3 Months CORE membership.
Contest submission + 2 deviations of choice in the "Featured" folder.
Journal feature including their submission and selected pieces from above.
Journal feature by ShadowPoetry.
Second Place
1 Month CORE
:iconwritersretreat:WritersRetreat 5 2
Mr. and Mrs. Joyner by Protector-of-Dreams Mr. and Mrs. Joyner :iconprotector-of-dreams:Protector-of-Dreams 3 3 Some random face by AlinaVial Some random face :iconalinavial:AlinaVial 6 0
Never Knew...
He never knew what hit him.  Never saw the punch coming, never heard the man yelling, never saw the ground coming up for his face.  All he was doing was walking down Central Avenue to his favorite sub shop, Bob-O-Rino's.  He loved that place.  They had the best subs, and the soup, oh my god!  The soup was to die for.  He also loved going there because he had a crush on one of the girls who worked there.  She was rough around the edges, like him, but she had a kindness she hid behind sarcasm.  He never even asked her name.
As he lay there, bleeding from a gash on his head, he wondered what happened?  He never saw the man who hit him, nor did he know why he was singled out.  He was not flashy at all, most of his clothes came from a secondhand store, Thrift and Thrive.  He liked the owners, they were very nice to him.  Sometimes he didn't have enough money to cover his purchases, but they let it slide because he was very respectf
:iconbrazenglory:brazenglory 1 5
With The Turn Of A Page (Contest)
With the turn of a page, her journey began.
She was in the middle of the desert, braving a ferocious sandstorm. The camels had been lost a long time ago, along with all their supplies. She had to reach a camp, or she would not survive. She would just be one of a thousand travelers buried deep underneath the desert sands. 
She stood on the deck, breathing in the salty sea air. A hat sat on her head, her trusty sword by her side. She was ready to fight. Looking to the first mate, she nodded. The cannons fired, and the battle began. 
She ran through the ruins of an ancient temple, holding an amulet that she knew was cursed in her hands. Unexplainable tragic and horrible accidents followed her along her path to the bottom of the mystery. 
She sat in a putrid cage, about to face certain death. She held hands with him, and they cried together. Tear-stained face tilted up, she experienced a salty kiss with the person she wanted to be with in her last breaths. 
She executed
:iconlittlemisswriter7:LittleMissWriter7 15 25
Before, Now, and Forever After
"Damn it!" Samuel swore. 
No matter how many times he rubbed at it, the tattoo imprinted on his skin wouldn't disappear. It taunted him, reminding him of the mystery that had lurked in the shadows of his mind every day of his life. He didn't know what it meant, nor how it could be possible. All he knew was that it wasn't normal, and so could possibly screw up his life forever. 
He glared determinedly at the mark, but it didn't burst into flames or correct itself into straight tally marks, much to his dismay. 
"Damn it..." This time, it was more of a disappointed sigh than a furious outburst. 
With an ease born of familiarity, he put a layer of powder on his inner wrist, hoping that there wasn't any water-related activities he had to do today. After he had brushed his teeth, he forced a smile on his face, and strode out, grabbing his backpack to go to school. 
The walk to the bus ride was fairly uneventful, and he was glad. He was a little more sensitive today t
:iconlittlemisswriter7:LittleMissWriter7 5 15
Just a Play
Proceed with caution because horror story ;)
(Warning for slight gore and bloods, but I don't think it's enough for a filter)
“It’s just a play, don’t you see?”

I sighed as I zapped to another channel. Really? This same ten year old movie, replaying for the umpteenth time. It was always the same, over and over again, every year. Zap. I should have known, shouldn’t be hoping for a change. Every summer again, there was nothing of interest to be found on tv. Zap. And again. I had seen this movie for at least four times already. You know, I should just give up already. This was useless anyway. Zapping back to the channel the tv originally started on when I turned it on, I closed my eyes and let the back of my head rest on the soft fabric of the couch.
“But plays are reeeaaal,” I heard a child’s voice say in a pleading manner. 
I should better turn off the tv for now, so that whatever strange
:iconlink-of-the-twilight:Link-of-the-twilight 4 9



LaChicaRara has started a donation pool!
0 / 1,000
Hi, guys!
Well, I won't get angry if you don't give me any points :D But I would appreciate donations. I would use them to give them as presents to my friends, as well as saving for the Core Membership.
Show a little mercy with this lost soul that just started on Deviantart.
Btw, commissions are open. Just send me a note and I will answer as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.

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Pencil sketch
The pencil sketches will be like these ones. You can choose if you want a shaded background or not. For this request, I'll only draw busts (head and chest) and if you insist, full bodies, but not animals/places/cars/ships/etc. I can also do lineart on the whiteboard with felt pen. You can choose this type of commision to give a face to your OC, for example.
Pencil coloured/shaded drawing
The pencil coloured/shaded drawings will be like these ones. You can choose if you want a background or not and if you want it coloured or shaded with black pencil. I only draw people (either busts or full bodies) and some objects, but not animals/places/cars/ships/etc.
Pencil graduated shading portrait
The pencil graduated shading portraits will be like these ones. You can choose if you want a background or not. For this request, I'll only draw busts (head and chest) and some objects, but not animals/places/cars/ships/etc. I use a photo as model, so you'll have to give me the photo of the person you want me to draw. I'll draw it in the exact same position they appear on the picture.


LaChicaRara's Profile Picture
Priscila Gibert
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hey there!

Well, let's introduce myself. My name is Priscila Gibert, currently I'm 19 years old and I live in Argentina. I speak Spanish in my everyday life, but I'm also learning English and I love it.

I started reading books when I was five years old and I haven't stopped since then. Reading is my life. In my house, all the walls are covered with shelves full of books. We have like, I don't know, four or five encyclopedias, each one made of more than a dozen of volumes. We have complete collections of children's and young adults' literature, books about philosophy, about Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse mythology (one of my favourite subjects), about grammar and orthography, the complete works of famous authors like Shakespeare, Dickens, Jules Verne, Agatha Christie, and, of course, J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter marked my childhood), Rick Riordan (I'm kind of obsessed with Percy Jackson and the Olympians), C. S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia marked my childhood too), J. R. R. Tolkien (I wish I could write books like The Lord of the Rings... and I know that's impossible), James Dashner (Maze Runner is so gripping!), Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games are really cool, and the movie adaptation is great), Kiera Cass (when I found out about The Selection, I read all the books in a row) and... Well, I'd want to keep talking, but I cannot write an entire book about the books I like. Let's skip to the movies.
I love movies. I don't miss any of the new releases of movies based in books. Of course, when I'm sitting there and I realize that the movie director changed something from the book, I nearly start shouting: "It's not like that!". I love spoilers. It's weird, I know, but I like them.

Other things I love are TV series, music, dancing ballet, drawing, writing and playing piano. I'm also kind of obsessed with Norse Mythology (kind of... haha, yes, sure), especially about...guess who? yes, Loki. And the actor who plays him, Tom Hiddleston.
I draw portraits of people I like, such as actors or friends of mine, and sometimes I draw fanarts too, of books or movies I love. Here on DeviantArt I'm trying to get the best of me regarding drawings. Let's see how it works!
I like listening to music while I write or read, to get inspired or emotional. Epic music lists on YouTube are cool! Or sometimes I write something based on the lyrics of a song. The most I wrote about was fanfiction, especially about Loki, my favourite character ever. I like him both from Marvel Movies and from Norse Mythology. Now I'm just writing original stuff. Working on a novel! Or many novels, I should say.
Playing piano? Absolutely. I love playing, although I don't have piano classes and I learn everything from Internet, mostly YouTube.
And dancing ballet is one of my main loves. I just... love it. I love dancing.

Well, I think that's all for now.

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Hi, dears!
Just to let you know I'll be holding a kiriban at 2,000 pageviews. There's still a long way to go (I'm around 1,300 yet), but I'm telling you so you are ready when the time comes(?
The prize will be a free drawing request or something like that.
See you!

Journal History


Hi, dears!
Just to let you know I'll be holding a kiriban at 2,000 pageviews. There's still a long way to go (I'm around 1,300 yet), but I'm telling you so you are ready when the time comes(?
The prize will be a free drawing request or something like that.
See you!
My Llama has been upgraded to Ninja Llama! Thank you all for your Llamas and thanks to belladriel for making this possible by giving the 500th Llama!
Hi, my beautiful watchers!
I wanted to tell you that I have created a Patreon creator page for everyone who wants to support my writing works. The link is:…
Go look it up. You can earn rewards such as unpublished first drafts, character developing, personal interviews or Q&A with me or my characters, unpublished texts (such as a character’s backstory or deleted scenes), free translations of your own texts from English to Spanish (yes, I’m a translator as well) and even requested short stories of my characters making crossover with other books/movies.
If you decide to pay to earn one of those rewards, just click on the big red button labelled "Become a patron". For $1.00 you can read the synopsis of the novels I'm writing! And more rewards will appear with time.
Thank you all!
7 Cups (formerly called 7 Cups of Tea) is a website (also available in an app) which provides free support to people experiencing emotional distress by connecting them with trained listeners. The listener, trained in active listening, interacts with the person seeking help via an anonymous and confidential chat. Members must be 13 to 17 on the teenage side and 18+ for the adult side. Listeners must be 15 or over.
I'm a listener there. My profile:
"Hi! I'm so happy that you found me here on 7 Cups Of Tea. I'm a trained active listener and I will love helping you if you are in any trouble or having umcomfortable feelings. I'm an 19 year old girl, I'm from Argentina, and I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, playing piano, dancing ballet and listening to music. I know how it feels to have problems, that's why I'm here. Feel free to talk to me. Kisses!"


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